An interview with John Biaggi, director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival

June 21st, 2014


This week’s our first installation of “Broken and Half Full,” interviews about darkness and hope.   It’s easy to find reasons for despair these days, whether it’s inevitable global warming, political unrest, extreme gaps in wealth and poverty, or all the other slings and arrows we face every day.  Despite the trends, there are those who keep struggling and creating in the midst of it all, creating reasons for hope in the midst of brokenness.  

This week’s guest- John Biaggi, director of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.  Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading non-profits working for social justice.  Their Film Festival showcases documentaries and features that bear witness to injustice, with the hopes of inspiring dialogue and action.  The festival started 25 years ago in New York and is now in 19 cities worldwide.  This year’s New York festival opened Friday June 13th and runs through the 22nd.